When You Want to Quit

You can probably attribute the urge to (at least) one of many reasons. You may have been raised in a home where you lacked nothing. “The world” may have been at your fingertips throughout your childhood and early adolescence. Your parents may have told you that you were special and that you could be successful… Continue reading When You Want to Quit

On Blogging: Lost in the Abyss

It's not cool to have your own blog anymore. (Was it ever?) But for the most part, social media is so saturated with social activists, pointless arguments and political garbage that no one thinks twice about the little guys who might actually have something to say. Posts like the ones you’ll find here easily gets… Continue reading On Blogging: Lost in the Abyss

I Don’t Like What God Says About the Government

I know how much y'all like talking politics. Quick disclaimer (imagine this is being spoken by the lady from your favorite heart disease medication commercial, with a concerned, but soothing tone): There's a 50% chance that reading this post might raise your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, or have a family… Continue reading I Don’t Like What God Says About the Government

Dopamine Dependency and Internet Cred’ 

I've been spending a lot of my time over the past couple months, nose buried in a Kindle, trying to engage my mind with books that matter. This is content that authors or folks I respect have suggested diving into.  I've never been much of an avid reader, but what I've discovered since November is… Continue reading Dopamine Dependency and Internet Cred’