Who Has Two Thumbs and Almost Lied to the Internet?

I originally had a post scheduled for April 15th about my need to be heard. About needing to have a voice, or attention, or some kind of BS I was feeding myself that day. It was titled "I Need You to Hear Me." It was completely untrue. I love words. I write because it's something… Continue reading Who Has Two Thumbs and Almost Lied to the Internet?

One-Off: Signature Sin of the Digital Age

You know the feeling. The one you get when you whip out your phone to tweet something you think is oh-so clever. It’s not too edgy, but just edgy enough to get under the skin of your target audience. You quickly type out the clever quip, and then hit “send,” “update” or “tweet.” You wait. … Continue reading One-Off: Signature Sin of the Digital Age

EDC for the Aspiring Non-Workaholic

There are many ways we might consider ourselves “productive” when so many different careers, social groups and other involvements call for our collective time each day. I don’t know how you stay organized, but I thought I might offer a couple of helpful tips by sharing a bit about my productivity EDC. A Pen(cil) and… Continue reading EDC for the Aspiring Non-Workaholic

Time: A Different Kind of Resource

No matter what you’re doing, time moves forward. For example, when you spend an extra hour at night agonizing over what outfit to wear the next day, or when you pause your day to cyber-stalk your friends from elementary school, the rest of the world doesn’t pause with you. Time is a unique resource for… Continue reading Time: A Different Kind of Resource